Topic outline

    • Mathematics for business I, december 2011
  • Introduction


    • Mathematics for Business I

      Mª Belén Cobacho Tornel

      Departamento de Métodos Cuantitativos e Informáticos

      Titulación en la que se imparte: Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresa
      January, 2012
    • Course unit description
    • This course is presented as a basic subject to unify and strengthen basic Maths concepts already known by the students. The students will also progress in new concepts, methods and analysis techniques, focusing on the needs for other courses in the Business Degree, as well as a general mathematical background for future business professionals.

      We should also emphasize the educational nature of this course in the use of logical-deductive reasoning, which will allow a better approach to the problems, and rigor and order when solving problems and proposing decisions based on them.

    • Specific skills
    • - Skill for logical and abstract reasoning
      - Skill to analyze quantitative, business and economic information
      - Skill to choose appropriate quantitative treatment
      - Skill to apply quantitative and computing methods in Business
    • General skills
    • - Analysis and synthesis skills
      - Skill for planning and decision making
      - Spoken and written communication in the native language
      - Spoken and written communication in a foreign language
      - Knowledge of computer programs and skills related to the field of study
      - Skill to search for and analyze information from different sources
      - Skills to make decisions
      - Skill to solve problems
    • Personal skills
    • - Team working
      - Work in multidisciplinary teams
      - Skill to critique and self-critique
      - Developing skills in personal relationships
    • Systemic skills
    • - Autonomous learning
      - Quality driven
      - Skill to adapt to new situations
    • Skills for applicability
    • - Skill to put the knowledge into practice
      - Skill to communicate economic issues
      - Skill to search for information and do research
    • Specific skills related to the Degree
    • - Skill to derive relevant information from the data which is impossible for non-professionals to know
      - Skill to regularly use information and communications technology in all professional tasks and activities
      - Skill to read and communicate in more than one language, especially in English
      - Skill to communicate fluently in their environment and to work in a team
      - Skill to apply professional criteria based on the handling of technical instruments when analyzing problems

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