Topic outline


    Introduction to Economícs, enero 2021

  • Syllabus

    • Contiene el programa de la asignatura o curso y la guía de aprendizaje.

    • Part I. Introduction

    • Unit 1. Economics: Concept, Agents and Economic Systems

    • Unit 2. Concepts of Supply, Demand and Equilibrium Market

    • Part II. Microeconomics

    • Unit 3. The Demand

    • Unit 4. The Supply. Production and Costs

    • Unit 5. Markets. Perfect Competition and Monopoly

    • Unit 6. Factor markets. The labour market

    • Part III. Macroeconomics

    • Unit 7. Macroeconomic variables and concepts. The National Product

    • Unit 8. Public sector intervention in markets and economic policies

    • Unit 9. Monetary policy and the financial system

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